Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Helen Keller

In the world of plants, the ‘cambium’ is a site of cell regeneration, tucked away underneath tree bark or inside stems. It’s an often hidden – but always vital – layer in the anatomy of plants.

Just like its counterparts in nature, The Cambium is a site of organisational change and growth. It’s where groups can come to focus, work together towards a shared goal and make room for meaningful strategy outside of the office.

At The Cambium, groups are invited to recharge, renew and collectively envision a better future.

In an era when face-to-face working environments are becoming increasingly scarce, The Cambium is a space geared towards teamwork and professional symbiosis. It’s where communal meals forge connections amongst peers. It’s where exploring the outdoors together leads to critical new ways of reflecting, relating and operating as a business. It’s where you’ll leave feeling empowered, motivated, and more connected with yourself and your vision.

The Cambium is also an exclusive-use property, meaning a single group booking enjoys the privacy of the entire site for the duration of their stay. There’s no competing with wedding parties, golfers, or other passers-by - it’s just you, your colleagues and the friendly resident wildlife.

The Cambium is where transformative decisions are made amid the backdrop of towering Manna Gums. The Cambium is where thinkers, doers and luminaries can come, put their heads together and create meaningful change.

The Story

The Cambium founders envisaged a unique environment that offered groups a place to stay and conduct business.

Established in 2022, The Cambium was built in collaboration with some of the country’s top business leaders and creatives. The concept was driven by founders Sally and Damien Marasco, who together hold years of experience in project and stakeholder management, major events, strategic planning and construction.

“When we would visit Red Hill, it would have a transformative effect on us. We’d head back to the city feeling refreshed, centred and ready for the week ahead. We wanted to provide businesses with the opportunity to experience this. To find momentary respite from the traditional workplace and embrace the opportunity to strategise in a truly remarkable environment.”

“This property is a unique sanctuary, so close to the CBD but offers a great escape. We wanted to provide businesses with the opportunity to experience this, find momentary respite from the traditional workplace, embrace the environment, explore and grow” - co-founder Sally Marasco

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